Xen Tan Self Tanning

Prepping for self-tan

  • Night before spray tanning, in the shower gently exfoliate with body scrub and shave.
  • Morning of spray tanning, after shower, leave skin dry with NO moisturizer.
  • Wear bikini, underwear or nothing at all for your spray tan.
  • Men must wear boxer short or bathing suit.

Applying Self-Tan

  • If getting professional spray tan, just arrive in an old bikini or underwear or whatever you prefer for airbrush application
  • For home application apply self-tan to face and body with Deluxe Tanning Mitt, hands
  • Smooth on skin using broad even strokes and blend around feet and hands
  • Use Xen-Tan Blending Balm to blend around any edges on feet, hands and wrists
  • Use Hard to Reach to tan back
  • Rinse hands for 1-2 minutes to remove instant color from palms

Keeping your self-tan

  • Self-tan can be maintained using the correct products
  • Use Transform or Transform Luxe every other day, or every third day, to keep your tan indefinitely
  • Use Scent Secure to moisturize and firm skin on days you do not tan
  • Also use Scent Secure to block out any self-tan odor



Skin: If you feel you have highly sensitive skin, or you have any doubts, we recommend a small localized test spray to check your skin compatibility before having your full spray.

Clothing: We recommend that you wear dark, loose fitting attire after your appointment. Any minor rub-off will easily wash out of most fabrics, but some lighter colored materials, including leather, may stain.

Suncreen: Be sure to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns when outdoors.